Iced Coffee Popsicles

June 4, 2014

pops-2Popsicles are such a staple for summer. I remember making them all the time growing up. And I love experimenting with different flavor combinations now. My first popsicles this summer are Iced Coffee with Cream.


For these I used my left over brewed coffee once it cooled. I added some cream and sugar to the coffee, and I suggest adding more sugar than you would expect to use on a cup of coffee. These are popsicles and you want them to be sweet! I then poured about a half inch of half and half into the bottom of my molds and set in the freezer to begin hardening. I think after about an hour you can add the coffee mixture but I completely forgot them for like 2 hours at that point they were nice and stable. Then pour your coffee mixture on top and freeze like normal.



To remove from mold dip in hot water for a few seconds then wrap in cellophane if you are not planning on eating them all right away. These are what they are iced coffee popsicles I think I would really like to try a frappucino type base next time to be a little bit more creamier but they are very tasty and a great way to cool off on a warm (hot) summer day!

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