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How to get back on track, after taking a break.

September 9, 2015

How to Get Back on Track After Taking a Break |

Like with most things taking a break from anything for a while can make it really difficult to get started again. While moving to Indianapolis over the last two months I took a break from lots of my normal things so that I would be able to accomplish the move while working almost full time and photographing weddings on the weekends. Some of those things included running my blog, cooking, working on my Project Life album. And I had taken an even longer break from working out than those two months.

Once I finally moved down to Indy to living in our new apartment I got a cold, a really bad cold. I didn’t want to do anything at all, I didn’t have the energy. Now after all that time I’d like to get started on my passion projects, like Happy Apple and my Project Life album. And I am finding it very hard to get into a groove again.

Here are my tips for getting started again after taking a break.

Make a list of goals – goals to get your momentum going again should be small steps in attaining your overall goal of getting started again. Then break these goals into actionable steps.

Take the time to enjoy the journey – instead of spending time worrying or being upset of time wasted just start enjoying the process of getting started again. Remember how excited you were when you started your blog? Enjoy that feeling again, get excited again.

Be intentional – nothing gets started without intentional actions toward accomplishing your goals. Make time to work on these tasks each day. If one your goals like mine is to get started writing on your blog again make time to write a little on the blog posts each day. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to knock out entire posts in one sitting.

Actively look for inspiration – Another activity I want to start working on regularly is my Project Life album. To rekindle my passion for it I spent some time looking at my past books, remembering all the memories that I have documented and really returned to the reason why I started in the first place and was inspired by my own work on documenting our lives.

Set small rewards – setting goals can sometimes work well and other times they may not. If you are one that works well with rewards systems feel free to get one going. For example, treating yourself to a piece of chocolate when you have published your goal number of posts for the week, or reading a few chapters of a book once you have caught up on your scrapbooking.

Remember to have fun with your goals – goals and passion quickly become work when you forget to have fun. One of my goals is to make 3 new meals this month, while I’m trying to use up items that don’t fit in our new apartment sized pantry I still want to enjoy cooking and trying new things. So I’ve set a goal to find and try 3 new recipes and hopefully that will keep things interesting while I try to use up my many cans of green beans. 🙂


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