Holiday Card Display

December 4, 2014

Holiday Card Display |

It is that time of year when holiday cards start coming in! At my parent’s home we would always tape our cards to a door as they came in each year. I tried that in my first apartment but the door there had more texture and they just kept falling off. Last year I just lined them up on the kitchen counter. However this year I found this great placemat at Hobby Lobby and knew it would make an awesome backdrop for my holiday cards.

Holiday Card Display |

I used mini clothespins to attach them to the string like placemat which will make them easy to switch out as the holiday goes on, or I could buy additional placemats and place them around our home. Placing small groupings of holiday greetings sounds will spread the love throughout your house!

Holiday Card Display | happyapple.usI really like how easy this is and how it is a great temporary solution for displaying the beautiful holiday wishes that come our way. If your a renter this would work great too, just use one command hook to hang the placement and your done with no holes in the wall. For me I already had something hanging here that I moved temporarily for our holiday decorations.


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