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Grilled Peach Whiskey Punch

August 5, 2014


This last week at our home we hosted an event we called grill week. It was a lot of fun and you will get to hear more about it tomorrow. But today is all about cocktails and for grilling week I put together a special grilled cocktail! And it is really good. It is a Grilled Peach Whiskey Punch and the recipe makes a pitcher which is perfect for a night with friends.


You will need : two peaches, two lemons, whiskey, and sprite. The first step is to cut your peaches in half and brush with a vegetable or canola oil so it will not stick to the grill. Then grill cut side down over medium high heat, turning as needed, till the edges are starting to char but not fall apart.


Once you have your peaches ready, remove and discard the skin. Give them a quick corse chop and put them in the bottom of a pitcher. Add the juice from two lemons and muddle together until the peach is mush. If you don’t have a muddle you can use the end of a wooden spoon.


Now add to the pitcher 8 oz of your whiskey, 16 ounces of sprite and ice. Stir it and drop in a couple lemon slices. When ready to serve pour over glasses with ice, you can garnish with additional peach wedges or lemon slices. I like to live on the edge so I chose to garnish with both!


I hope you enjoy it!

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