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March 11, 2014

HC1Photo Credit :  Janne Photography

I am so excited to begin sharing our wedding plans! There were several projects that I worked on for the wedding that I am crazy proud of and happy we did ourselves.


Photo Credit : Michaela

 One of these projects were our favors. Since we decided on on a winter wedding we chose hot chocolate for our favors. I was lucky enough to have a baby in our family and got them to hold onto the empty jars. I then spray painted 200 lids silver!! That was an undertaking…

I then recruited my family to help me mix up 3 batches of homemade hot chocolate, fill the jars and wrap them in washi tape. The washi tape was my favorite part. I love how colorful and fun they turned out.

We used a family Christmas recipe for the hot chocolate mix. We found the best way to mix up the dry ingredients was a large bowl and a hand blender. Here is what we used.

1 pound Nesquik
Carnation Dry Milk (makes 8 quarts)
6 oz Coffee Creamer
2 cups powdered sugar

Mix all ingredients.  Use 3 to 4 heaping teaspoons of mix per cup of hot water.

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  • Reply Janneke March 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    These were so good! I am so glad we each snagged one on our way out 🙂

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