Freezer Paper T-Shirt

July 31, 2012

In my DIY adventures I had the need for a t-shirt for our families Relay For Life team. My niece is about 9 months old and couldn’t fit into any sizes we were able to get screen printed. So I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try making a freezer paper t-shirt that I have seen floating around the web.


Cardboard; sized to fit in the t-shirt for stability
Foam Brushes
Fabric Paint
Freezer Paper
Design Idea
Exacto Knife (not pictured)

1. After you have gathered all your supplies draw out your design on the freezer paper. Since I had wanted to create areas of the design where there would not be paint I placed an x to remind myself to not cut out those areas.

2. Cut out using the exacto knife the areas where you want paint to show up.

3. Secure the freezer papper to the t-shirt in preparation of painting.

4. Go crazy and Paint!

5. Wait for the paint to dry and viola! You have your very own custom printed t-shirt.

I have seen other tutorials where people have bleached the t-shirts and created some really cool effects. I think in the future I will try some of these they look like so much fun.
Enjoy your t-shirts!

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  • Reply Mary Alice August 1, 2012 at 9:41 am

    I love the way you numbered your pictures. Sometimes when I have printed off pages from the web they get mixed up before I use them. Although I can figure it out the numbers would have worked quicker. MaryAlice

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