Fireworks Pictures

July 9, 2013

fireworks7This year I got out my big girl camera and caught some really awesome fireworks pictures from this year! I know it is too late for most of you to use what I learn this year but hopefully these tips will help you out at the next fireworks event!


Be Patient : It takes a while to dial into the right settings for your camera to take awesome fireworks pictures. So don’t discouraged if you miss good shots of the first ones.


Use Bulb Mode : If you have a DSLR set your shutter speed as slow as it will go. Bulb mode is the best. You hold down the shutter release button the entire time the fire work goes up till it goes out.


Use a Tripod : While using a slow shutter speed you should always use a tripod to reduce camera shake

fireworks3┬áManual Focus : If your camera is trying to find focus in a dark sky you will miss your shot. Setting it in manual will mean things aren’t as crisp and clear as auto focus but the pictures will turn out wonderfully anyways so don’t worry about it.


Location : As with anything location is one of the most important pieces to great pictures. If you can have a good vantage point almost horizontally from where the fireworks are bursting or almost at a 45 Degree angle are both good locations.  These were all taken about 45 Degrees from the burst.

firework1sparklers2Thank you all for coming and having a fun lighting off fireworks with us!



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  • Reply Daddy July 9, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Some awesome photos Mikey…….
    Love you

    • Reply Michaela July 9, 2013 at 2:53 pm

      Thank you! I really love getting to take pictures. I have come so far and enjoyed the journey!

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