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Extra Project Life Cards? I’ve got a DIY for that! (Christmas Banner)

December 22, 2014

Project Life Card Crafts |

This year I had a lot of the 3×4 Project Life cards left over. When I am working on my album I try to use as many pictures as I need to to tell a story, which means I sometimes only use one or two of these a week. Thats ok, I’ve got plans for my left overs.

Project Life Card Crafts |

Here is my first project, an easy Christmas Banner. I have this rather large wall behind my couch that is screaming for some decoration attention. I had plans for some paintings for above the couch but the canvases were warped so I’m trying to figure out how to fix that. Anyway, when I looked at all my cards left over I thought what could be better than making a Christmas banner out of them. Then I’ll have some holiday decor that matches this year’s project life design.

Project Life Card Crafts |

It is really easy and only takes an afternoon to complete. You need, left over Project Life cards, a paint pen, and a sewing machine. I first chose all the designs I wanted to use and then laid them out making sure the colors flowed well from one card to the next. I then just free handed the phrase “merry christmas” on the cards with my paint pen. I had a white one on hand which worked well for most of the cards, you could also use a paint brush and acrylic paint if you don’t have a paint pen.

Project Life Card Crafts |

I then took the cards to my sewing machine. I added a blank card at the beginning and end and just sewed them in order, i left about 5 inches in between each card. And then used washi tape to hang it up above my couch.

Project Life Card Crafts |

I really like how it turned out and how it reflects our scrapbook from this year, I love it when things tie together like that! And I really enjoyed working on it as far as holiday crafts go it was pretty quick and relaxing. I hope you are ready for Christmas this week! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by.

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