Easy Lunch Roll Ups 2 Ways

January 8, 2016

Lunch Roll Ups 2 Ways |

I struggle finding lunch meals that I can make quickly and have a lot of flavor. I’m still on the lookout but this quick rollup recipe is a good place to start. And the best part is you can add in anything you have on hand or want. Unfortunately, I hadn’t made it to the store for lettuce but thats ok it was still tasty. Here are my lunch roll ups 2 ways one with meat and one without.

Lunch Roll Ups 2 Ways |

Mix together 1 package cream cheese with 1 package ranch mix and allow it to sit for at least an hour or the spread will be really salty. Once you have that ready spread in a thin layer across your tortilla and add in your toppings. The first one I made had Boarshead Everroast Chicken and then a little cheddar sprinkled on. I didn’t want to have too much additional cheese since I didn’t have lettuce and it has the cream cheese component already.

Lunch Roll Ups 2 Ways | Lunch Roll Ups 2 Ways |

Once you have your toppings on it roll it up tight and either cut in half or in little pinwheels depending on how you feel for the day. Lunch Roll Ups 2 Ways |

A meatless alternative is using red and green pepper along with some green onion sprinkled on over the spread. Depending on how much you like peppers you may want to sprinkle more on than I did but its highly customizable so do it how you like!

Lunch Roll Ups 2 Ways |

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