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Easter Egg Decorating

March 30, 2015


Easter Sunday is right around the corner! Gunnar and I decided to decorate eggs this year at our house. While I like decorating my eggs with dye I wanted to break the mold this year and try something new. So I gathered up some non-tradition egg decorating supplies and we spent about an hour last weekend decorating our eggs.



The three ways we decorated eggs was by sharpie marker, tissue paper decoupage, and my favorite craft supply, washi tape. They were easy and except for the decoupage it wasn’t messy at all.


We used Gold and Bronze sharpie markers to draw patterns and our initials, if you need inspiration for letting check out my lettering board on Pinterest. The washi tape wouldn’t come out smooth on any egg when you tried to go all the way around it but we embraced the imperfection and went with it. And then for the decoupage, I just brushed it on the egg and then went over it with more mod podge to seal it to the egg surface.


We came up with some really cute and colorful eggs for our Easter weekend! My favorite one is the one that says The Hoffmans 2015!

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