Double Fudge Cake With Champagne Icing

May 27, 2014

Double Fudge Cake with Champagne Icing |

Who said you could only enjoy a cocktail in a glass with ice? I found out about Champagne Icing a few weeks ago and decided to try out a recipe and see how it went.

Double Fudge Cake with Champagne Icing |

This recipe used A Pink Moscato Champagne for a slight cherry flavor. I went out on a limb to try the Moscato even though it is usually a little to buttery in flavor for me. The recipe was good but with the buttery flavor and butter being a major ingredient in the recipe was a little much for me. I am still on the search for the perfect recipe.

Double Fudge Cake with Champagne Icing |

Ingredients : 1 Cup unsalted butter, 4 to 5 cups powdered sugar, 3 tbsp Barefoot Pink Moscato Bubbly.

Directions: Cream the butter and add the powdered sugar a half a cup at at time. Beat until creamy. Add the bubbly and mix till combined. Then ice your cake or your cupcakes!

Double Fudge Cake with Champagne Icing | happyapple.usI was worried about how the consistency of the icing would be with the extra liquid but surprisingly it didn’t make it soupy or anything out of the normal for a buttercream icing. If you like Moscato then I would totally try this recipe if not hang loose and I’ll let you know when I have found the perfect one!


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