DIY Wall Art and Custom Letters

May 8, 2012

Hello again! I am still decorating my apartment and I am bringing you another DIY tutorial. I like projects where you do not need a lot of supplies. This project only requires a couple of things and it was fun to make.


Acryllic Paint
Paint Brushes
Exacto Knife

I used Illustrator to create a layout of my vision for the wall art. Create an art board the size of your canvas so that when you print out the letters the proportions are correct. Separate the letters and place them so that you can print out as many on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper without waisting space.

1. Gather up your supplies.

2. Once you have this printed out tape the paper to the sheet of vinyl and laying this on the cardboard carefully cut around the letter shapes.

3. Now that you have the letter shapes in vinyl lay them on the canvas where you want them to be. Now begin drawing out your design in light pencil on your canvas. I chose to use circles in my composition. Once you have replicated your artwork start painting.

4. Lay out your letters on the canvas where you envisioned them to be.

5. Draw lightly in pencil the areas you want to paint.

6.  Paint directly over the letters.

7. Give your painting time to dry before peeling off the letters. In some places the paint leaked under the the vinyl and I had to do some touching up.

8. Now your painting is all finished. My canvas needed me to place the hardware on the back to hang it up. After that proudly display your work.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing your awesome painted artwork.

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