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DIY – Upgrade Your Bookshelf Organizers

August 21, 2014


I love cute office supplies. However my budget for buying them is very slim so I have come up with a budget friendly solution to make some really cute containers for my book shelf.


You need different styles and size storage containers. I got mine at Ikea for around $6 a pair. And you need acrylic paint and paint brushes.


My beautiful before pictures! Not very fun or exciting, right?


The first one I made was a simple graphic line pattern in white all the way around the box. It is really easy so even those with only a little artistic skill you can manage to spruce up your space!


For the second box I made a more intricate floral design all the way around the box. I love how this one turned out and I think I’m going to make some more for my bookshelf that are similar to this.


I absolutely love how they turned out and couldn’t be happier with how easy and nice this all turned out! For a few bucks I now have a really cute container for my scrap papers or ¬†office paperwork.


If you go to make some of these for yourself. Take a look around online for inspiration and then go to town. You can make it as simple or crazy as you want to go on this project! Link to your own painted containers in the comments I would love to see what you come up with!


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