DIY Photo Gift Tags

December 18, 2013

DIY Photo Gift TagsLet’s be honest, this recent tradition grew out of the fact that I always forget to buy gift tags at the store. Wrapping paper? Check! Tape? Check! Ribbon? Check! Then I get home and start wrapping only to realize I don’t have a way to tag the gifts. So I started making my own.

DIY Photo Gift Tags

The first two years I just hand lettered the name of the recipient onto colored paper and cut out a tag shape. I really have begun to enjoy this little holiday tradition I stumbled upon and really looked forward to what I would do this year.

DIY Photo Gift Tags

This year I went back into my photo archives and choose pictures of the different family members to tag their gifts with. It turned out really great and I hope people like to see their picture on their gifts instead of their names. But this was very easy I just picked out my photos and printed them without sizing too much on a sheet of printer paper then cut around them to look like tags.

Everyone loved these, it really stood out under the tree and made it really fun when people got theirs to see which picture I used. My cousin thought it was particularly fun because I used a picture of him when he was tiny.

Really easy and really fun for those last minute gift tagging needs!

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