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DIY – Paper Flowers

August 28, 2014

DIY Paper Flowers |

I’ve been recently looking around my home for all those craft projects that I have bought supplies for and never got around to actually making, and looking at my supplies to see what kinds of things I already have to decorate my home. This paper flower wall was one of those projects. I chose the colors orange, yellow, gold and white before I thought about them being perfect decor for the fall, this was a double win when I realized it wouldn’t need to come down in a few weeks. 

DIY Paper Flowers |

I have made tissue paper flowers like this before for several other projects including a hanging display above my bed in college and bouquets for my bridesmaids and flower girls during the rehearsal. You can find tutorials all over pinterest for these and they are really easy to make.

DIY Paper Flowers | happyapple.usHowever, these big white paper flowers were new to me. I found the tutorial on Martha Stewart’s website (here) and I actually had white paper bags to use. So I went to town and started fashioning a wall of flowers to decorate my dining area.

DIY Paper Flowers |

For the garland I chose three different colors of paper that matched my wall and used a 3/4″ & 2″ hole punch to make a bunch of circles.

DIY Paper Flowers | happyapple.usI then glued them on to a piece of bakers twine with Tacky Glue. And hung them up on the wall with the flowers. Right now this only goes along one side of the window but I’m thinking about creating more of the garland the string there and to balance it out.

DIY Paper Flowers |

I really like this kind of project because of it’s less than permanent quality. I really like changing things up around my space and don’t want to spend a lot of money and time to do that. It only took about 2 hours to make the flowers and the garland for this project. So as a quick, inexpensive home decor craft I think I nailed it. What do you think?

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