DIY – Cross Bunting Decor

August 13, 2013


When we moved into our new house we suddenly had more walls to decorate than I ever had before. We are on a tight budget so buying all brand new decorations is out of the picture right now. So I am trying to come up with decoration projects that I can do by myself (and I get extra points if I already have the supplies).

I was inspired by all the crosses popping up in design and decorations so I wanted to make my own cross bunting to help decorate a wall.

Supplies : Construction Paper, Printer Paper, Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, and Hot Glue Gun.


I cut a 4 inch block out of my printer paper and drew lines on it to create the cross. I cut out the little blocks on the corners.


I then used the template to draw the crosses on the construction paper and then proceeded to cut them out.

crossBunting3 crossBunting4I then added a drop of hot glue and adhered it to bakers twine.


It turned out really cute and I think it adds a little charm to my wall above my record collection. What DIY creations do you have around your home?

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