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December Daily Preparation Part 2

November 16, 2015

December Daily Preparation |

I’m back to share the second part of my December Daily Preparation and some of the beginnings of my December Daily 2015 album with you. My goal with December Daily is to document the holidays but not become stressed out over the process. One of the things I do to stop this from happening is start putting together some of my pages before December starts. I like to leave a lot of flexibility with my album because right now so many things are changing that I don’t know for sure if we will be doing this activity on this date, or will it happen on a different day.

December Daily Preparation |

This is how I set up my album last year and I really liked how well it worked for me so I’m doing it again. I start by grabbing one of each style pocket page until I run out and placing them in the album, then I use the transparent sheets to create dividers for the different weeks. I had some supplies left over from last year’s kit, which is where the tabs come from. Even though the album focuses on each day in December it feels really natural to me to divide it into the different weeks.

December Daily Preparation |

Next, I go through the kit and pull out all the full size pages I want to use and disperse those throughout the album. Sometimes these change, I’ll either add more in or fill up the spots with full size pictures which are really fun and visual break up the pages.

December Daily Preparation |

Then finally I start playing around with the embellishments, I am waiting on a few more supplies to arrive so I haven’t gotten really crazy yet but I like adding in some of these embellishments to create depth in my pages. I really love when I can put together a card that has a lot of contrast like the one below with the big wood circle. I also left a little room at the top of the card for further embellishment once I know what will go around it. I then spread these out throughout the album. This leaves me with lots of space to fill in once I have my pictures but gives me a good place to start so that I don’t get too overwhelmed if it is a particularly day or week.

December Daily Preparation | December Daily Preparation | December Daily Preparation | December Daily Preparation |

December Daily Preparation |

And this picture which was also at the top is my opening page for this year. I didn’t get any of the 2×2 squares last year so I wanted to start this one out with a bang. I left some of the spots so you can see through to the picture and quote behind it, I used some wood veneer people to represent Gunnar & I as well as a calligraphy H for our last name. For the back side of these squares I’m going to use it as a place to document the details of our holiday decorations, so it will be a little while before I get that part done.

I’m having a hard time with the inside cover this year, I’ve been trying out some different things but I just can’t decide. I put in this washi tape to feel it out and it surprisingly has gotten really stuck down so now I’ll need to work around that as well.

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