Date Night Jar

January 17, 2012

Today on a rainy and gloomy day I made a Date Night Jar. Its really simple but it is going to be a lot of fun. I simply took strips of colorful paper and wrote ideas for a date night. I then put them in a fun vase for us to draw out when we need a date idea, however, my vase is already too small and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a new one.




Remember to include a variety of date night ideas from going out to staying in. Some of mine include: getting dressed up and going out for cocktails, building a fort in the living room, and creating a mix CD to dance the night away to. There are lists and lists of ideas around the internet here is one to get you started. I think this could also translate to a fun kids activity jar so that on snow days or rainy afternoons you have a backup plan to keep the day a happy one.

Some of my favorite activities include a indoor picnic with Oreos cookies and milk,  pick out a new movie to watch.


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