January 9, 2014


We are in full cleaning mode. Is it weird to get your spring cleaning started in January? We are hoping to get each room in our house scrubbed cleaned and decluttered prior to the wedding and honeymoon. So far it is going great! We have gotten what I would think the hardest room (the kitchen) already done.

I am finishing up the last unforeseen wedding project today and am now just waiting to hear back from a few of our vendors on final details. I am ready to get to it and enjoy the day.

Its starting to warm up in our neck of the woods after being -17 earlier this week and I’m hoping to go out and grab some snow pictures before things start to melt. We were really lucky during this storm and it wasn’t so bad for us. We didn’t have to go anywhere and we got some impromptu wedding things accomplished. Which I’m not sure when they would have gotten done.

Also any Castle fans out there? I’ve been watching the heck out of it and can’t get enough!!

Alright friends, gotta get back to wedding and happy apple projects! I’ve got some big surprises planned for February!


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