Carmel Apple Bites

October 23, 2013

Carmel Apple Bites

Since Halloween is just around the corner I have an easy treat for your halloween party! For our Halloween party last weekend I prepared Carmel Apple Bites for people to make themselves. It turned out to be the best food item we served. Everyone loved getting to dip their own apple chunks into the carmel and peanut topping.


To make you need green apples, carmel squares, nut topping, lemon, and toothpicks.

Chop your apples into bite sized pieces and use a pastry brush to cover the exposed apple with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. This will keep the apple pieces from browning. Set aside in a bowl.



I would suggest using a chocolate melter for the caramel, that way the carmel can stay warm through the entire party and you wont have to babysit it in the microwave or the stove. Unwrap your caramels and place in the melter, once it starts to melt add 1 tsp of water and mix you can add more water if your carmel seems to thick to dunk.

Finally place the nut topping in a small dish and let people go to town. I attempted to make these ready to serve but all the carmel kept sliding off while it was cooling so I decided to let people do it as they wanted. And they are much easier to eat that a whole carmel apple.

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