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Calligraphy (Learning a New Skill) : Week One

April 30, 2015

Learning Calligraphy |

One of the goals I have is to be a lifelong learner and for 2015 I have at least two new skills I want to learn. One is modern calligraphy and the second is hand stitched embroidery, so during my week off school and my part-time job I decided to start learning. I purchased the supplies and got started. I know I have a long way to go but it is kind of relaxing making long flowing lines. I am really looking forward to buying ink in a fun color like neon pink, but since those are more permanent I’m going to wait till I cut down on how much ink I get on my hands. So for the next 5 weeks I’ll be sharing my practice and hopefully my progress.

Learning Calligraphy |

If you are interested in learning too, I’m following the tutorial from Julie Blanner.

Learning Calligraphy | Learning Calligraphy |

There are only so many times you can do loops and lines before you have to try something with a word. I’ve just started and I know I’ve got a long way to go but here is to five more weeks of practice!

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