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Big and Little Changes

August 7, 2014


As each season comes to an end I like to spend some time reflecting on the last season. I like to think about the things that I did accomplish and make note of the things that I didn’t get around to. I know a lot of people can get bummed out by not completing everything on their to do lists and their goals but I try really hard to stay positive and use those things that didn’t get done as a starting point for my next list.


So this summer was a roller coaster/crazy/busy/wonderful/full/adventurous. I work really hard to craft my blog online to be a positive happy place, I mean for crying out loud it is called Happy Apple shouldn’t it be happy. But sometimes real life isn’t like that. This summer we were challenged by our vehicles. Both our truck and our car had to spend weeks in the shop on expensive repairs. It was sad and heart breaking that instead of getting to spend our summer savings on things that we wanted like a trip to Nashville or new light fixtures for the office we had to repair both our vehicles.


Even with that set back we still had a wonderful summer. We made great progress on our yard/landscaping efforts, met with a contractor about our bigger home improvement projects, spent lots of time with our families, and got to visit some of our friends. So all in all it has been a great season to look back on.


Now onto to the changes…I am going back to school! Just sharing that makes it feel so real! I am very excited. I will be working toward a 2nd undergraduate degree in Journalism.


As for other changes, Happy Apple’s blogging schedule might be adjusted during the next couple of months to see what will now work best for me and my new responsibilities. I have worked so hard and enjoy this space and it will not go away but instead of 5 posts everyday of the week it might be 3- 5 throughout the whole week. As mentioned before our savings has suffered this summer which means we are on a spending fast. So projects and crafts will be made by the supplies I already own (bring on the creativity!) or posts might include more photography experiments. But I already have some great stuff lined up that I can’t wait to share with you! And finally I am taking on more work as a second photographer at weddings this fall/winter. I am very excited about that and cannot wait for those dates to arrive. ¬†We shall see what the next couple of months bring. Thanks for reading Happy Apple; I am truly glad you are here.

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