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Bedroom Dresser Facelift

January 15, 2015

Dresser Facelift |

I’ve had this dresser for years, and it has been a great dresser. Big deep drawers and good sturdy handles, everything you need in a dresser. However, it was time to give it a facelift. It was tired and really dark. I’m working on creating light and brightness in our home and the stained dresser wasn’t working. In an afternoon I had it looking like a whole new piece of furniture and all it took was a little paint and primer. I used a wood primer and then Olympic’s One in Silver Feather to update the dresser with white drawers. Since I only updated the drawers it went really quickly and gave me back my dresser in no time at all.

Dresser Facelift | happyapple.usI love how the sides still have a little imperfection and the stain on it was great, it was just a little bit too dark for where I’m going with our bedroom.
Dresser Facelift | happyapple.usAnd then some pretty pictures of the top of the dresser.

Dresser Facelift | Dresser Facelift |

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