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July 19, 2013


Sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don’t. I had high hopes for showing off all these projects we got accomplished last weekend. Like taking all the random shelving out of the laundry room, taking the weird cabinet above the hallway bathroom toilet down.


We did take the shelving down! And it really makes the room look more open. But while we were taking it down we were noticing some really bad consistency in the paint around the shelves. So we needed to paint! I totally LOVE painting (here is where I painted my kitchen counter top, here is where I painted the kitchen walls, and here is where I painted the IKEA Rast nightstands). But this project just wouldn’t go my way.


Here is the before picture. We picked out Benjamin Moore Sesame (color matched to Olympic Zero-VOC paint) to update the laundry room. And I started painting, cutting in the trim first on one half the room and then rolling that half. Then, it went downhill for some reason the trim paint dried a different color than the rolled on paint. Even with shaking, mixing and using the paint almost immediately after being bought something was up with the color. So I had to go back and start over covering everything again. It now looks more even but there are still a couple problem areas.



When we took the cabinet in the bathroom down we found wallpaper and a different paint color… we couldn’t ignore this room anymore we needed to paint it too. Ok, so we decided to just paint it the same as the laundry room for now. So, I set out to do the trim. When I stepped back to look at the color it just didn’t work for the room. There was no contrast. Our bathroom floor, cabinet, baseboard, and countertop was all a different shade of beige/yellow. It gave me a headache too for some reason. So we picked Benjamin Moore Moonshine (color matched to Olympic Zero-VOC paint) to get us through to the bathroom renovation.


We were able to get a lot of little things done though. We got the hot and cold on the sink switched to match the colors on the handle, we took out the unwanted shelving around the house, we touched up a couple of places in the kitchen, and started hanging some art.


This is the before paint color in the bathroom.


And here is the after…a much cooler vibe going on in there now. Have a great weekend!

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