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52 Lists Project

January 5, 2016

52 Lists Project |

2015 was a year or reflection. I spent most of the year thinking about how to I wanted to move forward in 2016 to craft a long healthy happy life. One areas I want to improve in is journaling for use personally and in my scrapbooking. I saw The 52 Lists Project all over the internet last year and when I came across it this holiday season I asked Gunnar for it to be one of my gifts.

I hope that by doing a little bit of journaling each week I can get better at doing it in other areas of my life. I love scrapbooking and documenting all of the pictures but I’m afraid I’ll end up with lots and lots of images but untold stories. I also think that the self-care aspect of journaling is a great tool for helping craft a happy healthy life.

I like that this books isn’t just a list of topics. I like that it is organized by seasons and while it is something to do each week the individual lists don’t have a huge time commitment. Which I really like.┬áhope 2016 is a better year for me personally but I know that I need to constantly continue working on it and finding my happy. Happy needs to be thought of as a moving target, I hope that these weekly prompts can help me in my goal.

Do any of you struggle with journaling in your life? Have you participated in The 52 Lists Project?

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