4 Months and Progress

July 5, 2013

Time seems to fly right now. I cannot believe we have lived in the house for four months already. We have gotten a lot done but still have a long list of things we want to do. Here are some pictures of our progress.


Not much has happened in this room except I added that little striped basket for dirty clothes. Anything bigger and it seems like it swallowing up what available space there is in this oddly shaped room.


We took out the one towel rod and put in these hooks so that more than one towel can be drying at a time.


Here is our dining area. It is sorely in need of some lighting once it gets dark that area is like a cave.


The garage looks completely different from when we moved in and not just because it is our work room for right now. It used to have ridiculous amounts of random shelving everywhere. All of that is gone now and organized into a couple shelves which are just off camer.


This is the guest room. It is pretty much done for now. It could use a nice coat of paint and something done about the window shade on the right.


Not a whole lot going on in the hallway. It is in need of some serious art.


The living room hasn’t seen much action yet. It is nice and big though. Got any suggestions for above the couch?


Here is Gunnar’s workstation. Check out that bare bulb so bright! I hope we are able to get the lighting situation in this room taken care of in July.


Here is my workspace! Lots of computer monitors. I think my PC is going to go down to one monitor though 3 is just way too ridiculous.


This is the most complete space of our home. It turned out wonderful.


In the kitchen I painted the cabinet tops and the walls. Luckily the trim is a nice white color and we wont have to do anything to that.

We’ve taken down the blinds that were blocking the view from our kitchen window and replaced them with this lovely lace curtain that lets in all the beautiful light. And speaking of lights we also updated the light hanging above the table the old one was some sort of lantern like light.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at our progress.

xo michaela

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  • Reply Daddy July 5, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Wow, you have really been busy, and it all looks so wonderful.
    Love You

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