Project Life : Week 42

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Week 42! I have renewed loved for this project! As we creep closer to Christmas I am so thankful for these memories I have taken time to record.

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This was the week we flew back from California. When we returned all the fall things were in full swing. The trees are turning and it is perfect time for making chili!

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After we returned from California we ventured down to Cincinnati for me to help photograph a wedding and then up to Ft. Wayne to help with another wedding. It was a really busy weekend!



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The book is getting full! It is amazing that a whole year has almost gone by.

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Planning For Winter Storms (Part Two : Making Your Meals)

Planning for Winter Storms (Part One Planning Your Meals) | happyapple.usThis is Part Two of my three part series. Check out Part One here .

Now that you have your list of meals decide how you will prepare them. Most people around have decided to do one big day where they prepare all their meals. This may work for your family best. I like to do it slowly over time adding in one or two meals to my regular weekly plan. Say I want to make chili for our freezer so I choose one night of the week I will make chili and I double (or triple…that was a lot) the recipe and make it all at once. This works for any of the meals I intend to freeze, I just choose a different meal or two for each week.

Winter Storm Preparation Freezer Meals

I like this approach for several reasons. One it spreads out the cost over the course of several weeks or months so that you aren’t hit with one really large grocery bill. Two it isn’t as overwhelming as cooking for 4-6 hours on a Saturday. Three you minimize the number of dirty dishes this way.

Winter Storm Preparation Freezer Meals

Once I have my meal for the week, I make it right along with dinner for that night. This is how I cut down on dirty dishes. And then it is usually a baking meal so I bake one and use a disposable tin, plastic wrap and foil to prepare my meal for the freezer.

Winter Storm Preparation Freezer Meals

To stay organized I use a sharpie to write on the foil what the meal is and how it is prepared. If it is a crockpot meal I use a gallon size bag also writing the name of the meal and the directions on the bag.

Winter Storm Preparation Freezer Meals


Also remember to include the date on your meals. This way you can judge how long you have to use them up. Most of the meals stay good for 6 months so you can start planning 3-4 months ahead of time.

Other things I have frozen to prepare for winter. Bread, hamburger & hotdog buns, as a note, they aren’t as awesome as fresh bread but they freeze and thaw well to use in a pinch and also keeping you from frantic expensive trip to the store. Eggs, I have yet to use them but people claim eggs freeze well for use in baking. I broke the eggs, lightly scrambled them and froze them in an ice cube tray. Orange juice concentrate and lemonade concentrate to mix things up when all you have is water left at your house. What other types of food do you freeze for use in meals?

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Our San Diego Trip


Here are a few of the pictures from our trip. We spent one day in San Diego and checked out the awesome zoo they have there. Then we went up to San Clemente and spent a couple of nights relaxing at the beach and finished our trip up with an afternoon in La Jolla. SanDiego-1-2 SanDiego-1-3 SanDiego-1-4 SanDiego-1-5 SanDiego-1-6 SanDiego-1-7 SanDiego-1-8 SanDiego-1 SanDiego-1-10 SanDiego-1-11SanDiego-1-12Gunnar&I-SanClemente

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3 Things Making Me Smile


The memories from our trip to San Clemente. I am so greatful for that time together, we really needed it.


Another quick snap from our vacation!

beach And of course the beach! I’m putting together a post about the trip as a whole and can’t wait to share it with you guys! Happy Monday!!

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Project Life : Week 41

Project Life 2014 |

Week 41 was fantastic! We were lucky enough to be invited to our friend’s beach house in California. It was a wonderful trip.

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We hung out in San Diego one night and visited the zoo which was huge and amazing. Then we headed up to San Clemente for a few days. Walking along the beach for morning coffee has got to be just about the best thing in the world.

Project Life 2014 |

After that we went back down to La Jolla and hung out with the seals the night before traveling back to Indiana. Which is gray and cold and nothing like Southern California.

Project Life 2014 |

Also, I snapped a quick picture of where I do my Project Life pages each week. I thought you guys might enjoy a picture of where I do it.

Project Life 2014 |

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