Time marches on…

December 14, 2017

It has been a while.

I moved to downtown Indianapolis over two years ago. And when we downsized our stuff Happy Apple took a back burner.

But I’ve missed it. It felt like a part of me that I let go and I wanted back.

But then some things happened and I didn’t really know how to start back in.

3 years ago my mom was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. And everything has changed forever.

I will never forget the day she told us.

My husband came home and told me to pack a bag we were going on a trip. It was a Friday night which happened to be Valentine’s day. And all I could think was we were getting ready to go on some great adventure.

Only to end up at my parent’s kitchen table hearing the bad news and the scariness of her finding the lump then waiting for results.

It was the start of an adventure just not one I dreamed of taking.

I spent a lot of the next week with a box of tissues within arms reach at all times. It’s amazing how the smallest things can trigger emotional waves so strong and unyielding.

I’m sorry to come back into this space with such HEAVY news. But it felt like the right thing to do.

I’m looking forward to writing here more. Happy Apple will change and be less of a lifestyle blog and more of a place where I can work through and process what has happened over the last 3 years and what is going to happen. Hopefully, this will provide some healing for me as I move forward but I also hope that if anyone else is out there facing this that I can also in some small way help them.

Ok, I think that’s all I can bring myself to share right now. I don’t know when I’ll be back for more. I’m trying to not force this and use it to help me rather than it being a case study of the soft places in my heart.

Thank you for bearing with me through the changes and adjustments.

Last Saturday was a great one. We stayed home and processed then we ended the night with Chinese takeout. It was just what we needed.

Please let me know in the comments if you have had to deal with something similar in your life. What did you find the most helpful in sorting through your feelings?

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Minimalist Pokemon Wallpapers

July 10, 2016

**Based on recent events and Pokemon Go I thought it would be good to republish this!

As a fun weekend project, I made these minimal Pokemon wallpapers, and I’m excited that I get to share them. They are free and I would love if you would pass the word on to people that you know would love to use these. Each one has different screen sizes and one for android phones and one for iPhones. Let me know if you use these, they were a ton of fun to work on and turned out really fun. Which one is your favorite?


1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 1920 x 1200 | Android | iPhone


1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 1920 x 1200 | Android | iPhone


1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 1920 x 1200 | Android | iPhone


1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 1920 x 1200 | Android | iPhone


1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 1920 x 1200 | Android | iPhone


1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 1920 x 1200 | Android | iPhone

Project Life 2016

Six Months In With The Project Life App

June 30, 2016

Project Life App |

Hey, friends! Do you scrapbook? I’m six months into 2016 with my Project Life Album. I have loved all 4 of my Project Life albums. Working on them has been incredibly rewarding, but this year’s album has been one of the easiest to put together.

This has been a blessing because about March this year when we weren’t ever in one spot. We were constantly traveling and this whole scrapbooking each week would have gone down the drain.  I’ve been using the Project Life App this year to organize, document, and layout our pages. It is easy and convenient and allows me to still print out my pages at home.  
Project Life App |
But I’m really happy to report that using the Project Life App has kept me on track this year. Even if I didn’t print the pages out right away I still put them together and got it ready for printing. It is awesome that the app is right on my phone which happens to be with me all the time and is where 90% of our new photos are stored.

Project Life App |

This means I can put together the pages wherever I happen to be and it only takes about 10 minutes to do a layout.  You then have the option of printing directly from the app or saving to print at home. I like printing them myself for several reasons. I get the pages in my book right away and I only have to print out two pages for each week. When in the past I was printing 4 – 6 pages for a week’s spread.

Project Life App |

The 8 x 8 size has also been awesome, I was worried that the pictures would feel small and that you would miss out on detail but that just isn’t true. It’s a great size and I can still print from my standard photo printer which rocks.

If you have yet to check out the Project Life App and scrapbooking system you totally should! It is great how easy and beautiful my scrapbooks come together. It is so easy that I’m creating my scrapbook each week instead of waiting til the end of the year. I’m able to put it together when I remember the events that I’ve photographed. And at the end of the year, I have a completed album. Which is the best feeling.

Project Life has been one of the best projects I’ve worked on and I’m so thankful that Gunnar enjoys them too because even if I feel a little tired of it, he is there cheering me on because he loves looking back at our memories too!

P.S. In the last picture where Gunnar is making all those silly faces, that is the best part of this whole project. I’m so grateful that he is willing to be in pictures with me. Even if he has a funny face (which honestly makes it more fun), but he always gives me at least one good one in a series. I often put the goofy ones in instead of the standard ones because it is just more fun that way.

Happy Scrapbooking!



Camping in the Rain

May 13, 2016


Last weekend Gunnar and I went on our first camping trip of 2016. We had high hopes for it since every trip we went on last year was rockin. However, this first one was less than ideal. And despite all the things that didn’t go to plan or just went wrong it reminded me about something I had forgotten. It reminded me that life isn’t supposed to always go according to plan. That’s the great part about life and being spontaneous and growing.

If everything goes to plan how do you have room to grow? How can we progress? Laugh over the bad times? How as husband and wife are we supposed to learn to work through the tough times unless we have some smaller tough practice rounds to work through. Yes, Gunnar it was a tough trip for me.

We never had the ideal campfire…or much of a campfire at all since every time it seemed to be going and roaring we would start preparing our meal only to find out that the fire was already out. And when you rely on the campfire to cook your meals it can be a little devastating.  We had neighboring campers offer their advice on how to get our fire going but none of that worked out either.

It rained almost the whole time. We are pretty minimalist campers right now and the only shelter we had was our tent and our car. I would have loved to have had a place to stay dry and play some of our sweet board games that I brought but instead, we went on an adventure. We went into one of the small towns nearby and checked out a relatively new local distillery. We spoke with the owner and it was a good time.

Saturday night was really rough it stormed pretty bad and kept us from sleeping well and then when we woke up the temperature had dropped significantly. And guess what…it was raining again. So we decided we would pack up and head on to our next adventure. We knew there was no way our campfire would light after being soaked all night so we packed up and got on the road a little after 8:30 am.


But even though I won’t remember it as a good camping trip. I will remember that Gunnar and I worked through the issues that arose together. We still had a great time and spent some time in nature without our electronics talking and connecting. Those are the most important parts of life the parts I don’t want to forget. Who cares that every meal was a struggle? That we didn’t get to play a single game because it was either raining or the bugs were so bad? I care that we did it together we shared an experience and have a new memory.


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Life has a funny way of changing things…

April 21, 2016

Teddy Roosevelt Quote

It has been a few weeks since I’ve posted and even longer since I posted consistently. And I want to share with you why. Life changes so quickly and while you can see some of the obstacles in your path you may not see others.

When we moved to a small apartment in Indy I knew I would need some posts that didn’t require supplies or home changes because I wouldn’t have the space for that. I planned about 6 months of that type of content.

And then winter came and it was dark, I always seem to struggle a little with winter. I am less motivated and less creative which didn’t help when I ran out of posts. Also, during this winter season we were gone a lot from the apartment. Both of our families are struggling with illness currently and we are doing our best to visit/support as often as we can. Which means that all blogging content, images and creation have to be done during the week, but it got dark so early that images were blah and I felt even less inspired.

Another thing changed around the first of the year and this was a positive change! I decided to take Web Design & Development business idea seriously. I changed my mindset from looking for a full time or part time job to building my own business.

It takes a lot of work but it is so rewarding. I feel like even when we struggle with our finances or scheduling our time that it is the right path for us. Since taking it seriously, working on it a little each week I’ve blown myself away with how much income I’ve brought in during these first couple of months. I didn’t know what to expect. If you want to check out what I’ve been working on visit me at

Despite all the things that prevented me from writing consistently I am really committed to writing for Happy Apple and am currently brainstorming things I can write about inside my little apartment. I won’t be posting 5 days a week like I did a year ago but I’m going to do what I can and really focus on the quality of posts rather than quantity… plus summer is just around the corner and my absolute favorite type of posts are the cocktail recipe ones so keep an eye out for them!