DIY – Winter Snow Globe


I’ve seen these little mason jar snow globes floating around pinterest for some time. I really enjoy having some holiday decorations that are not Christmas specific. That way you can enjoy them all season long. With these globes I have found out you can customize them till your hearts content. Want to throw a Santa figurine in there? Go ahead! Want some deer? Go ahead! As long as you don’t overwhelm your jar the results always seem to be gorgeous.


You need a jar of your choosing, it can be white or blue with a glass lid or metal lid. The only stipulation is that you like it. Then get yourself some bottle brush trees, you can find them at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or online here. And the last supply I needed for mine was epsom salts, you can find this at any store in the health and beauty section.


Place your trees inside your jar, if your jar is big enough try out different size combinations until you find something you like. Next add in the epsom salts and then using a fork or even chop sticks place any other figurines around your jar.

SnowGlobe-4I have already really enjoyed my globe, and it was really easy to make. It only took a few minutes once I had all my supplies, which would make them really great for handmade gifts this season.


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Favorite Fall Activities


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. From getting to wear sweaters, boots and scarves to holiday baking. It is the bees knees! Way back (3 years ago) when I started blogging I wrote a post about my fall favorites. And even though the snow got the jump on me, it is still technically fall and I wanted to revisit that post subject and make a new one for this fall.


Getting Cozy under blankets


Sharing a coffee or hot chocolate

baking2 Holiday baking together.




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Pumpkin Roll


There for a while pumpkin rolls were always a thing during the holidays. I love pumpkin flavors in just about anything but pumpkin rolls are my favorite dessert. This year I decided to try and make my own because I’m brining them to our families Thanksgiving dinners this year!


I found this recipe to try over at Skip to My Lou. It was pretty easy for a beginner although I did get a big crack down the side of my roll so I’ll just have to keep practicing. Also with this recipe you end up with a thick band of filling compared to the pumpkin which is a little overwhelming. I’ll be trying a different rolling method next time to see if I can get a better pumpkin to filling ratio.

PumpkinRoll-1Getting to enjoy this pumpkin roll brought back so many great memories for me.  Now you will excuse me so I can go enjoy a piece of this delicious dessert.

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3 Things Making Me Smile


Getting a jump on our holiday baking!


My ever growing collection of thermoses. I just found that green one last week. I loved the colors!


Taking the time during the cold weather to do indoor projects!

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Project Life : Week 45

Project Life 2014 |

Week 45 was crazy, wonderful fun! On Thursday I second shot at a Wedding then we hosted our friends over the weekend.

Project Life 2014 |

We had a great time getting to see our friends from out of town. A couple of them we haven’t seen since our wedding in January. We also got to do a wine tasting event and a small bourbon tasting.

Project Life 2014 |

Our life is fuller because of the people we call our friends! Thanks everyone for coming I hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Project Life 2014 |

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