Megan & Stefen Wedding Photography

July 30, 2015


All of my practice from taking weddings over the last year and a half has led up to this, photographing my first wedding as the main photographer. My friends Megan & Stefen asked me almost a year ago if I would be willing to photograph their day, they knew I hadn’t done it on my own before but they really wanted me to be a part. How could I say no? :) Instead I worked really hard learning from everyone over the last year so that I could provide them with gorgeous images of their day.



The day was gorgeous and everything was beautiful, I couldn’t ask for more caring friends and better clients. Congratulations you guys! I am so grateful to have been a part of your day! Stefen&Megan-7Stefen&Megan-14 Stefen&Megan-13 Stefen&Megan-10 Stefen&Megan-11 Stefen&Megan-12 Stefen&Megan-8 Stefen&Megan-3 Stefen&Megan-4 Stefen&Megan-2 Stefen&Megan-1 Stefen&Megan-18 Stefen&Megan-19 Stefen&Megan-20

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Where Did July Go?

July 29, 2015


The last month sure has flown by. But I’m now back in action and can’t wait to get started sharing with you all again! We completely moved out of our home, rented it, Gunnar moved into an apartment in Indianapolis (I’ll be joining him soon), I photographed my first two weddings as the main photographer, among many other odds and ends. Tomorrow I’ll start sharing some of my adventures over the last month!


Well Hello There

July 16, 2015

flowers-2I am not back fully to blogging yet. We are only halfway through our move but this month has been so crazy that it seems like forever since I have posted on here. I really miss posting on here regularly and cannot wait to get back to it, so hopefully I can post some fun stuff soon. The next few weeks are going to be just as busy as the last few. With weddings on the weekends and finishing our move I’m just not sure where I will fit in time to post the quality that I like to do. Thanks for hanging in there with me during this time of transition I am looking forward to getting back to this regularly.

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The Craziness of Moving

July 3, 2015

Photo Jun 26, 8 46 48 AMHey friends! Back when, a whole week ago, when I shared that we were going to be moving to Indy. It was kind of a vague future event that was going to happen at some point. Well since then things have started moving very fast. We will be moving there in the next few weeks, we have plans nailed down for our current home and are searching for our next place, fingers crossed. Which brings me to this post. In the next two weeks, I will be spending a lot of time packing, downsizing, cleaning, and getting ready for our new place. I would love to have time to update Happy Apple at the 3 – 4 times I was used to, but I don’t think for this month it is realistic. So please hang in there with me, I’ve got great ideas to share with you and some awesome plans for Happy Apple but I won’t be posting regularly until August, once I’m settled, unpacked and organized.

While I won’t be posting regularly that doesn’t mean I won’t be planning, is there anything you would like me to post about or talk about?


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Crafting Skills : Embossing

July 1, 2015

Crafting Skills : Embossing |

One of my favorite crafting skills I learned last year was how to emboss. I learned this to be able to emboss my Christmas tags, you can check out that project here. Since then I’ve used it to decorate cards in my Project Life album, and now I’m moving on to embossing some chipboard for decorating my home. I’ve seen chipboard designs floating around Hobby Lobby and Michaels on my last several trips and I couldn’t figure out what I would do with one. When I came across this create piece on the clearance rack I knew it was time to start figuring out how to decorate it. I went back and forth on paint, decoupage, fabric, and back to paint again, when it hit me. I knew it needed to be gold and shimmery, enter embossing.

Crafting Skills : Embossing |

You need your chipboard design, embossing powder, Versamark watermark stamp pad, a piece of paper, and an embossing tool. Believe me your hair dryer does not get hot enough all you will do is shoot the embossing powder into the air. Once you have gathered all your supplies press your design into the ink pad, this is what will make the powder stick, next lay it on your paper and sprinkle, generously, with the embossing powder. Use as much as you need to to cover the design well, you can put the leftover powder back into the pot. Once covered gently lift the design up and tap off the excess, at this point you can put the extra back.

Crafting Skills : Embossing |

Using your tool heat the embossing powder until it goes from looking like glitter to a smooth enamel-like look. Then you are done, see easy peasy. Now the hard part, deciding where to put your newly finished piece in your home.

Crafting Skills : Embossing |